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Anti Vandal Scaling Barrier AVSB

Vanes are supplied in interlocking pairs, the paired vanes having five and six knuckles respectively. Vanes are separated with belled washers and overlapped spindle ends are connected to brackets.

When the spindle has been cut to a shorter length, it should be drilled and a nut an bolt fitted as a retainer. This arrangement ensures continuity of the barrier at corners.
Brackets are available for fitting to fences and wall copings - special brackets are available to order.

How to order

When ordering please state metre run required. If not a straight run or runs, specify other details such as corners etc.

Based in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, just 4 miles from WV1 1SH and 2 mins from junc11 M6, Boundary Fencing and Gate Services are centrally placed to make deliveries anywhere in the uk.

To calculate components required, use the formula below:

Divide Length of run by 1.283 - this will give the number of axles

Round figure up or down to give the No. of complete axles

  • Axles x 4 = No. of Vanes (pairs)
  • Vanes x 2 = No. of Belled Washers
  • Axles + 1 = No. of Standard Brackets and Top Pivots

Bolt threads may be welded or deformed after erection to prevent removal.
Double and treble stacked barrier and double width available to order.

Parts List    

  • 492251 Expanded steel vanes in interlocking pairs, four pairs required per spindle
  • 492253 Spindles, length 1.32m
  • 492254 Spindles, washer welded at one end, length 1.32m
  • 492257 Top pivot
  • 492256 Standard brackets
  • 492259 Coping stone brackets
  • 492252 Belled washers, two for each set of vanes
  • 4922510 Pipe Guard Fitting

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