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Wall spikes / Fantails / Anti Climb

Baby Wall Spikes (490011)

Easily fitted and discreet. One size for all applications.

Lengths of 2000mm 45mm x 25mm x 3mm angle

Galvanised to BS729 - fittings not included.

Sharktooth Wall Spikes (490012)

80mm high x 40mm wide x 1450 long
No fence or wall alone can deter the experienced intruder, but 95% of burglaries do not fall into this category. To vandalise or steal, virtually all intruders take advantage of poorly maintained or ineffective perimeters.

Barracuda Wall Spikes (490013)

40mm high x 30mm wide x 1450 long

With security spikes fitted, the indruder can see at once that they risk injury if illegal entry is attempted.

Barracuda and Sharktooth spikes and made from galvanised steel with is strong yet flexible, allowing fitting to curved structures. All spikes are pre-drilled for quick and easy fixing to metal, wood or brickwork

Wall Spikes should not be fitted less than 2100mm above ground level.

When using wall spikes the use of plastic weatherproof warning signs should be treated as a mandatory item fitted both sides of the boundary line.

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