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656 & 868 Twin Wire Mesh Fencing & Gates

656 & 868 Twin Wire Mesh Fencing & Gates

Twin Wire Mesh Fencing Hortonwood Telford

656 Twin Wire Mesh Fencing

A welded mesh fencing system with a distinctive appearance which allows excellent through vision making it suitable for many applications. The 656 Panel features twin galvanised horizontal rods 6mm finished diameter positioned either side of a 5mm finished diameter vertical.

The panels are welded at the intersection points and offer a superior degree of resistance to impact damage or vandalism to the fence line. One edge of the panel is finished flush whilst the verticals project 30mm from the other edge to form a barbed top.

For sensitive applications the panel can be inverted to leave no projections above the fence, this is a common with schools and sports / MUGA applications.

Nylofor / Dulok Twin Wire Mesh Panel

868 Twin Wire Mesh Fencing

The 868 Heavy Duty Panel provides additional strength and features twin horizontal galvanised rods 8mm finished diameter positioned on either side of a 6mm finished diameter vertical rod to form a mesh pattern of 200mm x 50mm.

The barbed edge may be positioned at ground level in situations where a flush top is required this is common with schools and sports / MUGA applications.

Posts for 868 are positioned at 2.525m nominal post centres and feature factory fitted inserts. Panels are attached by means of robust steel fixing brackets and M8 diameter tamper-proof bolts.

Available with either a full length flat Clamp Bar this is an alternative to the standard fixing bracket, providing excellent security, principally designed for schools and play areas where a high level of repetitive impact occurs. The unique features of the flat bar are designed to spread the load along the length of the post.   

Additionally for sports and MUGA applications the 868 panel is available with the lower 1.20 Metres as a rebound panel with additional wire. This super strong method prevents the bending of the bar from either balls or vandalism by kicking.

656 & 868 Twin Wire Mesh System Heights  

656 868 Posts
Fence Panel Size Fence Panel Size   Number of fixings Number of fixings
height Height/Width height Height/Width   Inters Corners
m mm m mm O/A Length    
1.0 1030 x 2500 1.0 1030 x 2500 1500 3 6
1.2 1230 x 2500 1.2 1230 x 2500 1800 4 8
1.8 1830 x 2500 1.8 1830 x 2500 2400 5 10
2.0 2030 x 2500 2.0 2030 x 2500 2600 6 12
2.4 2430 x 2500 2.4 2430 x 2500 3000 7 14
3.0 3030 x 2500 3.0 3030 x 2500 3700 9 18

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