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Armco Vehicle Barriers

Armco Crash Barriers      

Corrugated type Crash Barriers, also known as Armco Guardrails, are used throughout Britain, along roads, in factories, vehicle parks and industrial premises, to protect people, property and plant installations from the danger of impact from vehicles and to minimise expensive repairs and consequential losses from such accidents.

Armco Crash Barriers give your valuable stock, plant and buildings the best possible protection from damage caused by moving vehicles and forklift trucks. Components are replaceable and have a maintenance free life of up to 30 years.


Beams Straight - 3.2m nominal length (code 120132)
Beams Straight - 1.9m nominal length (code 120116)

Bolt Down Post - 560mm high (code 120201)
Bolt Down Post - 760mm high (code 120202)

Concrete in Post - 1200mm (code 120212)
Concrete in Post - 1500mm (code 120215)
Concrete in Post - 1800mm (code 120218)

Corner Internal 90 degree (code 120304)
Corner External 90 degree (code 120303)

Bullnose End Type 'B' (code 120302)

Fishtail End Type 'A' (code 120301)
How to Order:

  • Overall length of each run = number of beams required
  • Bolt-down or concrete-in posts = number of posts
  • Any corners or ends = number required
  • Number of lap bolts - 8 per beam
  • Number of post bolts - 1 per post
  • Post centres normally 3.2m and 1.6m

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